BERG in the News by Jon Gardzelewski

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BERG has been getting a little bit of attention in the past few months.  These items are also linked on the BERG Publications page.

2017: "Net-Zero Energy Homes in Wyoming: The Next Frontier?" Western Confluence (Winter 2017). [link to pdf]

2017: "5 Ways to Design Solar Architecture Beautifully—Not as an Ugly Afterthought"
           Autodesk Redshift (January 18, 2017) [link to website]
           reprinted in ArchDaily (February 8, 2017) [link to website]

Homebuilding in the UK by Jon Gardzelewski

A new article in The Guardian asks "Why are Britain’s new homes built so badly?"

A sample quote:
“More than half of buyers of new-build homes in England have had major problems with construction, unfinished fittings and faults with utilities, according to housing charity Shelter. The government branded the housing market “broken” in its housing white paper last month.”

The situation in the U.S. probably is not much better.  In fact, you might say our situation is worse, because nobody in the government produces such white papers, and no media outlet in the U.S. gives this basic level of scrutiny to the homebuilding industry.

Energy Efficiency Jobs, per capita by Jon Gardzelewski

A new report looks at Energy Efficiency jobs in the U.S..  It appears to be rigorous and detailed.  It finds that there are 1.9 million energy efficiency workers in the U.S.; most work for small businesses.  You can find the full report here (pdf).

In the state-by-state rankings, California comes out #1, of course.  Our state, Wyoming, always looks bad in these kinds of reports because of our low total population.  BERG wondered what the data would look like, if adjusted on a per capita basis.  We used state populations from Wikipedia.

Wyoming is #4 in the nation in Energy Efficiency Jobs, per capita!