BERG, the UW Building Energy Research Group, uses faculty expertise and advanced students to improve Wyoming buildings in terms of design and energy performance.  This service is aligned with UW’s mission as a land-grant institution, emphasizing research, public service, and practical education.

1. Liping Wang Ph.D., P.E.

Liping is Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering, with expertise in: Energy systems design; Building energy simulation and model calibration; Commissioning; Fault detection, Control sequence modeling, and optimization for HVAC systems.

2. Anthony Denzer Ph.D., M.Arch., LEED-AP

Tony is Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering, with expertise in architectural design and energy efficiency.  He is the author of The Solar House: Pioneering Sustainable Design (2013).

3. Milton Geiger M.S., LEED GA, REP, CEM

Milt has a broad expertise in feasibility analysis for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

4. Jon Gardzelewski M.Arch., LEED-AP

Jon is a Lecturer in Architectural Engineering.  His expertise is in architectural design, energy efficiency, and computer modeling and simulation tools.  He also leads student teams in performing home energy audits.

5. Gang Tan Ph.D., P.E., LEED-AP

Gang is Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering, with expertise in HVAC systems, Commissioning and Retro-commissioning, Level III energy audits, and large-scale benchmarking studies.

6. Ben Gilbert Ph.D.

Ben is Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics & Finance.  He specializes in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Applied Microeconomics, focusing on decision-making.