BERG is developing expertise in engineering large-scale greenhouses using waste heat; led by Liping Wang.

We are currently working with a team in Lovell, Wyoming, to design a 3-acre greenhouse, which will be heated by waste hot water from the Western Sugar factory.

For Lovell, BERG completed an initial study quantifying the amount of waste heat available, which is available as White Paper 1501 at the BERG Publications page

We also won a small grant from the Laura Jane Musser Fund Rural Initiative to evaluate options for mechanical systems for using this resource to heat the greenhouse.  This study is in progress.

More broadly, we have proposed the UW Center for Greenhouse Design and Operations for EPSCoR funding, through the NSF Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) Program.  This Center does not yet exist.

From a historical point of view, BERG's Anthony Denzer has studied the Palm House at Kew Gardens.