CuRREnt Projects

Zero Energy Home in Pavilion, WY (in construction)

Zero Energy Pole Barn Home in Laramie, WY (in design)

Zero Energy Prairie Home in Lander, WY (in design)

Zero Energy Home in Cheyenne, WY (in design)

Zero Energy Home in Curt Gowdy State Park, WY (in design)

Frontier Zero Home Catalog (v. 2.0), including multi-family housing.


2016: Measuring and Verifying the Effectiveness of Wyoming State Energy Office Programs (see BERG Publications)

2015: Level III Energy Audit for High West Energy electric cooperative, Pine Bluffs.

2015: Frontier Zero Home Catalog (v. 1.0). [link to catalog]

2015: Phase I (feasibility) study for the Big Horn Basin Food Hub, Powell.  Use of hot water discharge from a sugar beet factory to heat a year-round greenhouse.  Project funded by the USDA’s Local Food Promotion program.

2014: Design guidance for Frontier Fortress tiny house company, Dubois.

2014: Design and construction plans for "Chukar" (Frontier Zero home) for AJ Bailey & Sons Builders in collaboration with Adam King, King Engineering, Cheyenne.

Simulation and troubleshooting for Laramie County Community College Physical Plant, Cheyenne.


2015: "Mountain Side Zero," Race to Zero Competition, U.S. Department of Energy.  [Link to 1-page summary]

2014: "WyoZED: A Zero Energy Dwelling for Wyoming," Race to Zero Competition, U.S. Department of Energy.  [Link to Poster Presentation]


2015: “Measuring and Verifying the Effectiveness of State Energy Office Programs,” Wyoming State Energy Office, $20,000.

2014: "Aesthetic, Financial, and Behavioral Barriers to Net-Zero Energy and Solar Home Demand," UW Center for Energy Economics and Public Policy, $97,155.

2014: “Net-Zero Prototype Houses for Wyoming Homebuilders,” UW President’s Office $250,000 Grant Initiative, $26,506.

2013: “Building Energy Research Group,” UW Engineering Initiative, $10,000.

GRANT Proposals

2015: “Research Initiation: A Game-Based Application to Promote Engineering Careers,” National Science Foundation, Professional Formation of Engineers, $149,644.

2015: “Reducing Building Energy Consumption Using Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnostics for HVAC systems via an Open-Source Agent-based Platform,” US Department of Energy BUILD program (Stage 2 review), $199,976.