Who would not like the opportunity to purchase a home with no electric and gas bills?  That opportunity is now yours!

BERG—the Building Energy Research Group at the University of Wyoming—has created this catalog of home designs which can achieve Net-Zero Energy* on an annual basis.

These designs are offered free for Wyoming developers, homebuilders, and citizens. 


Frontier Zero Approach

The catalog includes a variety of sizes, types, and styles, to appeal to a wide range of Wyoming residents.  We also sought to create designs that would address many economic levels.

In general we want to create homes that will be attractive and contextual in a Western aesthetic, sympathetic to the Wyoming landscape andbuilding traditions.  Although a Net-Zero home can be built in any style, we do not use the catalog to promote styles, like Colonial, which are essentially foreign to the traditions of the place.

Working with us

We have also worked carefully to design the homes so that Solar PV panels are integrated into the architectural character of the homes, rather than ‘tacked on’ to the roof as an afterthought.

If you would like to build a Frontier Zero house, we will work with you to customize the design for your site.  We will also perform energy simulations based on your climate and construction-type to determine the best heating systems and how much solar energy (PV) is required.

We can also help builders find subcontractors experienced in specialty areas such as superinsulated wall types, high-performance HVAC systems, and solar energy systems. 

For additional services, such as full construction documents ready for permitting, we may charge a fee or we may ask you to work with a local architect.